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Dear Jin,

Read your post and I really feel for you. You have given me the courage to post my situation too.

My husband and I have been married 19 years. In april of this year he has had 2 strokes, endocarditis and now is in the hospital awaiting open heart surgery. We have 4 schoolage kids at home. We recently refinanced our home to get that lower 5% interest.

The balance on our home is 65k. Since my husband has been unable to work I recently returned part time to work.

My husband was in charge of all the $ and I trusted him completely. We were 30k in credit card debt and joined a debt settlers program for the 5 credit cards and one of the cos. tried to sue us. When I took over the bills around the time of his first stroke we had paid out about 1500.00 in fees to the debt settler and still close to 30 k in debt. He had cancelled our term life insurance. He ‘forgot’ to pay car note, mortgage payments – I could go on and on.

If he survives the surgery we will have a disability ssi income of 1165 and the kids will get 140.00 a piece per mo.Our credit rating is shot.

He had been borrowing from his retirement acct for God knows what. I have an atty appt today to make up power of atty and wills.

Between hospitalizations I tried to take care of him at home but he’s a big man and I sure dont know what will happen to us finacially if he has to go into a nursing home.

And you know hes hospitalization only covers so much so those bills are flooding my mail box. Any words of wisdom out there?

Grace, Alex