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I am a Physical Therapist and you are right to be concerned with what will happen when the acute care phase of your husband’s care ends. You can ask one of the Social Workers at the hospital to help review his health insurance policy to see if he has any benefits that will cover inpatient rehab, home health or both. Go ahead and get them to check for outpatient cardiopulmonary rehab and outpatient PT/OT coverage.

Also get them to check if the insurance will pay for any equipment (walkers, hospital bed, bedside commode, etc.) You can go to the hospital business office and get an estimate on how much you currently owe them and if they can make a prediction on the final bill. Tell them you need to work out a payment plan and that you can only afford X dollars per month. They will try to convince and intimidate you to pay more, just stick to your guns.

You may also qualify for free drug programs; again, the social workers should be able to help you out. I would go ahead and file the papers for Disability as soon as possible (social workers should be able to help with this also) and don’t be shocked if he is denied on the first go round. Just reapply as soon as possible. He may also be a candidate for vocational rehab but that will be at some time in the future.

You say he has been “borrowing from his retirement account for God knows what.” I know he is sick but he needs to come clean and tell you about ALL of his debts so you don’t have any more surprises in the awful event he doesn’t survive the surgery. I would contact the car co, mortgage company, etc in writing and tell them your husband was seriously ill and was unable to uphold his fiscal responsibilities and offer to pay them a certain amount each month.

You have a lot on your plate right now but hopefully some of these ideas will help. I’ll keep you in my prayers.