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I haven’t gotten any bills since, but I switched all my lights over to compact florescents. If you are in Canada, the Dollarama dollar store has them for $1 each. I’ve see them at Walmart for like 6 or 8 dollars for a twin pack, but if you are in the States, then the pricing will be different.

Also, you can turn the monitor of your computer off when you aren’t using it by pushing the button. I leave my computers on all the time, but I manually turn off the monitors when I’m not there. I can’t think of anything else off hand unless you can tell us what else you use that could be bringing your bill up so much.

One other tip may be to do all your laundry at one time, rather than running 1 load each night or a couple of times a week. Basically you want to run your drier loads back to back as the second load will dry faster because the machine is already heated up from the first load. If you just run one load, you miss out on the savings of the second and third loads.

Hope that helps some.

first, you have to plot graph of your electricity charges as much as history as you have

second, check from your local ipp or spp when is the peak time duration for a day i.e. 18-20 hrs

third, try to aviod the peak tim consumption of electricity

forth, change you electrical appliances (if you can) to energy saving types

fifth, which is important is changing your habit of turning on every electrical appliances i.e. habit of turn on tv when you reach your home even when you have no time to watch it last, hope these could more or less help you and others

good luck everybody…..

Wow that is high…Are you in CA? The things I have learned to do are make sure the refrigerator stays full or turn down the temperature. When the frig is fairly empty it takes more electricity to keep things cold. Old refrigerators use a lot of energy

Another thing I did when I thought my bill was crazy..I found out I had radiant heat and I turned heat off at the breakers, otherwise it continues to run.

I also asked that they send me the instructions to read my own meter. I have found the meter person making mistakes in the past. Turn off computers and watch your consumption of electric appliances. Wash clothes once per week only…(I’m in a house with more than just myself and that is a strict rule). I also hang dry most of my clothes if possible.

But, you do know they will come out and do a free assessment for you…

Just my 2 cents