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There are many states in the US that forbid insurance companies from looking at credit scores to determine premiums (Georgia is not one of them, yet). Among the ones that can not use it to determine premiums, there are those that can use it to determine your payment schedule. That is, they can demand all money upfront, large first payments, etc.

And my only suggestion is to either check your states insurance commissioner or write your local state legislature. I have been pushing my state legislator and state senator to change this in Georgia. I do not believe that a person’s credit score is any indication of their driving habits. There is also pretty new type of personal loans – so-called ‘installment loans‘ – they are available even for bad credit scores. Visit to learn more or to apply for one.

I work in the insurance industry also, it has nothing to do with having actual wrecks, but all to do with insurance fraud. There is supposed to be a correllation with those who file fraudelent claims to those with bad credit scores. To me, it’s the case of a few spoiled apples that mess up the whole bunch.

Financial institutions do the same by running a credit check for potential employees. Their thinking is that if their credit score is low or are in a lot of debt, then they are more likely to attempt fraud or steal.

Of course we know that’s not entirely true, but that’s the way it’s been.