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I work in the insurance industry also, it has nothing to do with having actual wrecks, but all to do with insurance fraud. There is supposed to be a correllation with those who file fraudelent claims to those with bad credit scores. To me, it’s the case of a few spoiled apples that mess up the whole bunch.

Financial institutions do the same by running a credit check for potential employees. Their thinking is that if their credit score is low or are in a lot of debt, then they are more likely to attempt fraud or steal.

Of course we know that’s not entirely true, but that’s the way it’s been.

Well I am an insurance agent and it has been a year since I handle personal lines (home/auto) your “insurance score is a combination of credit AND losses.

Several of us agents tried to fight having credit determie if you are eligible for insurance with certain carriers or dterminee what premium you pay but to no avail.

The companies claim they can prove that those with low credit scores tend to have more losses. BULL! How many of us with low scores can afford to wreck a vehicle!!

I was watching the Suze Orman show the other night and she said that when you get insurance and they score you on the “insurance risk” model, if you have a department store card with a balance over 50% of your limit, it will increase your premium by 20-30%.

I couldn’t find anything online to support that statement (yet), but I thought I would share with the group. I do recall my insurance being VERY high when I had a lot of credit cards, and then when I consolidated them, my insurance dropped dramatically at the next renewal.